Greipur from Syðri-Völlum


Greipur is a good 12 years old five-gaiter. He’s been a student’s horse on the 3rd year at Hólar University so he’s really well trained and educated. He’s big and powerful but yet really easy and nice to ride.

Greipur’s got really good gaits and has competed quite a lot with good results on the oval track with a young rider, both in sport- and gæðingacompetitions.
He’s the ideal horse for 5-gait, tölt on loose reins and PP1.

* Easy 5-gaited gelding

* Well trained and educated

* Even and good gaits

Greipur frá Syðri-Völlum

  • FEIF number IS2004155900
  • Sire Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum (8.36)
  • Dam Vaka frá Sigmundarstöðum (7.24)
  • BLUP 103