Dögg from Hvoli


Dögg is a great 1.prize mare sired by the acclaimed Oliver frá Kvistum and the honorary mare Sóldögg frá Hvoli, so Dögg’s pedigree is really impressive.

This summer she received 8.48 for ridden abilities, among 9 for pace and spirit and then she competed at Landsmót in young adults class. She’s very willing and has long strides in all gaits, and on top af that she suits most riders.
Dögg is currently in training and the aim is a breeding assessment next spring.

* 1. prize mare with 9 for pace and spirit

* Impressive and prestigious pedigree

* Willing and really good gaits

Dögg frá Hvoli

  • FEIF number IS2010282011
  • Sire Oliver frá Kvistum (8.67)
  • Dam Sóldögg frá Hvoli (8.43)
  • BLUP 125