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A great end to the spring’s breeding evaluations!

It’s safe to say that this week went very well for us! We had 5 horses evaluated and they all got first prize and received 16×9 and 2×9.5 for riding abilities!
We are extremely happy with the results and congratulate the owners of these amazing horses

The horses that went were:


Kveikur frá StangarlækKveikur frá Stangarlæk, 5 years
F: Sjóður frá Kirkjubæ
M: Raketta fre Kjarnholtum
Kveikur was shown as a 4 gaiter this year, and got 9 for tölt, gallop, spirit and form under rider, and an amazing 8.51 for conformation!
A gorgeous stallion that will go even higher one day!
Total score: 8.35

19095484_692434674275527_8108875066871699192_oArya frá Garðshorni, 5 years
F: Fáfnir frá Hvolsvelli
M: Elding frá Lambanesi
A five gaited mare with 9 for slow tölt and walk, 8.5 for pace, spirit, form under rider and canter.
Total score: 8.29

19221752_692435380942123_3304579951457774747_oKastanía frá Breiðstöðum, 6 years
F: Blysfari frá Fremra-Hálsi
M: Ófelía frá Breiðstöðum
A fantastic four gaited mare, with 5×9 for riding abilities, she received 9 for tölt, trot, gallop, spirit and form under rider.
Total score: 8.27

19238231_692435560942105_174755517419996047_oÓskar frá Breiðstöðum, 6 years
F: Herjólfur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum
M: Fantasía frá Breiðstöðum
Great four gaited stallion with 9.5 for gallop, 9 for tölt, form under rider and canter, 8.5 for everything else.
A fantastic fourgaiter who has scored 7.38 in V1.
Total score: 8.15

Djásn frá Litla-MoshvoliDjásn frá Litla Moshvoli, 5 years
F: Herjólfur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum
M: Drífa frá Stokkhólma
An amazing future tölt competition mare, she received 9.5 for slow tölt, 9 for tölt and form under rider.
Total score: 8.01