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New homepage!

Now we finally have a new homepage, it was time to update the look and information about horses and the cottages we have for rent here at Margrétarhof.
We are very happy with the new and better look and we’re going to put up some pictures and news regularly about our work here at Krókur!

We have had enough to do this autumn, we broke in a little over 25 horses, both from us and from others as well.
We had most of them in for about 2 months, and all of them were carrying their rider very well and starting to go tölt nicely. We put them outside for a little vacation after the breaking in, before we’ll take in again the most promising ones that we want to show in the spring.

Now we are taking the foals from their mothers, and teaching them how to be lead and pick up their hooves, to make things a little more easy for us when we start breaking them in after 3 years.
The yearly christmas cleaning is just around the corner, we are going to empty the stable, clean and paint before christmas, so everything will be nice and clean when we start again in a new year ?