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Landsmót is over

A great Landsmót at Hólar 2016 is now over!

Which is kind of weird because the time went by so fast, it’s almost like we never even went, now that we’re back home!

Some things went well and others not, the best thing was that the amazing superstar Ölnir frá Akranesi got unbelievable marks at his breeding judgement, a whole 9.09 for riding abilities and 8.82 in total at 7 years old.

He received 9.5 for pace and spirit, 9 for tölt, trot and form under rider and 8.5 for gallop and walk.

He won the 7 years old and over class and was the highest judged horse over whole Landsmót.

We always believed he could do this if everything went as it can do best, but of course we could never be sure he would win, there are so many other amazing stallions.

The other breeding horse we had at LM was Álfamey frá Dufþaksholti, 5 years old. She also did very well and received 8.49 for riding abilities and 8.36 in total and received the 6th place in her class.

Laxnes frá Lambanesi got into semi finals in A-flokkur, but wasn’t at his best performance there and didn’t make it to B-finals at this time.

We are very proud of our employees, Brynja Kristinsdóttir who was number 6 in young adults and Thelma Dögg Tómasdóttir who was 7th in young riders, both great riders.

Then our students did really well also, the 3 we were teaching this winter, Sigrún Högna, Þórey Þula and Aníta Eik, all made it into semi-finals in children’s class and Sigrún all the way to the 8th place in A-finals with a great show.

Our Baldvin frá Stangarholti did well as always and placed 7th in childrens class with his rider Védís Huld and last but not least Roði frá Margrétarhofi, bred, trained and showed by us placed 4th in children’s class, a great performance by him and his rider Guðný Dís.


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