Álfamey from Dufþaksholti

Palomino pinto with a blaze

Now’s the chance to acquire one of the best mares on last Landsmót, but Álfamey was 6th in the class of 5 years old mares on LM 2016. She received 8.49 for ridden abilities, among 9 for spirit and walk.

Álfamey has a unique temperament and is a really talented mare, but she still has the ability to improve if trained more. She’s pregnant with the two times winner of Landsmót, Ölnir frá Akranesi. Really an exciting opportunity to start an ambitious breeding.

* 1. prize mare with 8.49 for ridden abilities

* Unique temperament and great spirit

* Pregnant with Ölnir frá Akranesi

Álfamey frá Dufþaksholti

  • FEIF number IS2011280900
  • Sire Álfsteinn frá Hvolsvelli (8.17)
  • Dam Orka frá Dufþaksholti
  • BLUP 114