Piparmey from Efra-Hvoli


Piparmey is a great 1. prize mare who received 8.37 for ridden abilities and 8.30 in total this summer.

She’s got really even and good gaits, she got 8.5 for tölt, skeið and stökk. She is willing and perceptive. Piparmey is pregnant with the two times winner of Landsmót, Ölnir frá Akranesi and is for sale with the future foal.

* 1. prize mare with 8.37 for ridden abilities

* Willing with good speed range

* Pregnant with Ölnir frá Akranesi

Piparmey frá Efra-Hvoli

  • FEIF number IS2008284863
  • Sire Pipar-Sveinn frá Reykjavík (7.95)
  • Dam Ör frá Bergþórshvoli (7.48)
  • BLUP 111